"In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that 
money cannot buy - to whit, the wag of a dog's tail."
Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885)




Breaksea Incantation (Daisy)
(CH Potterdale Pisces x Breaksea Bewitched )


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CH Potterdale Pisces Potterdale Paddington 2  CH. Potterdale Privilege
Potterdale Pasadena
Shenendoa Star of Potterdale  CH. Potterdale Prophet
Marshfen Mountain Magic at Shenendoa
Breaksea Bewitched Breaksea Masquerade Breaksea Evolution
Breaksea Solitaire
Breaksea Black Magic CH. Gillaber Drummond
Breaksea Gothic Romance