"In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that 
money cannot buy - to whit, the wag of a dog's tail."
Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885)




Breaksea Harmony (Joy)
(Ch Bendale Special Times x Breaksea Solitaire)
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Breaksea Captain Scarlet IrCh Breaksea Allegro JW.SHCM.  CH. Coalacre Lampoon 
Breaksea Gothic Romance 
Breaksea Hot Ginger Essandsee Bolt From The Blue By Darkwater 
Breaksea Rhapsody In Black 
Breaksea Bewitched  Breaksea Masquerade  Breaksea Evolution 
Breaksea Solitaire 
Breaksea Black Magic  CH. Gillaber Drummond JW. 
Breaksea Gothic Romance